a big photo addition

I bought myself an envelope template last week, I had put off buying it for a long time as i felt it was a waste of money.. but im very happy that I got it.  I use it with tablex card stock that i got for $1 at penrith markets to make made to measure envelopes.
Below is a 5inch envelope made from a 21cm square piece of tablex (which is just a low gsm cardstock)

Here is my now 13 yr olds birthday card, i started making her a blingy type card with glitter and swirls and I really didnt like it. So I went back to basics.. I like going back to basics!  Chelsea liked her card.. she was very interested in knowing why the dragonflies were the same colour as the card and the ribbon.. (got to love the in colour range from SU)

Here are some recent cards that I have made, and luckily enough i took photo's of them.  the first was a simple but elegant wedding card, the inside in printed on shimmer card stock and i loved how it turned out, im not normally a prepurchased embellishment type of girl, but i was given the wedding dress for this card as it looked quite empty without it. Thanks Deby!

This card sat on my desk for weeks and weeks, simply as a butterfly stamped out on white card, i had no idea what to do with it.  I eventually came up with this card and was really happy with how it turned out.  I was initially saving the green dot paper on the card for a male card.. but inspiration had other things in mind!

The next few items are a variants of a Kaszazz workshop. I fell in love with the Bear and I had to have her!  I used prismacolour pencils and gamsol to colour the card and tag and dimensional magic to make the flowers pop.   The bear is still one of my favourite stamps!

I meant to add these photos last week, here are the other 4inch cards to go in the little gift box that i made to compliment them.

I often find it really hard to come up with ideas, that make things look different.  I also am not that great on coming up with layering, sketch and symetrical ideas.. im happy with these but of course i can see room for improvement.    

Ebony and Ivory

So I wanted to make some cards for my stepmother, who tends not to use cards that often..she likes to put post it notes on presents for cards!  so im going to make up a small set of cards for different occasions so she can put a nice cards on the nice gifts that she buys!  

I originally was going to make these cards to match some lovely ribbons that i found at Fred the Needle today but they ended up being all wrong for my thought process's so i ended up with Browns.. anyone that knows me knows i love browns!

The next bit of the story is, I have been struggling a bit lately trying to use just Kaszazz branded products and ive decided thats just silly as i own some beautiful products both stamps and tools in other brands.  Funnily enough these cards did end up being mostly Kaszazz products.. but once i let myself decide that any product goes.. I suddenly got some ispiration of my own!  

I planned on making 10 cards in this set but the first two ended up being NON suitable for the theme i was after so they will be kept for me.

As you can see from these cards i mistakenly started with white card base, as i wasnt planning on doing an ivory card... oh well things change!
Im using my favourite Kaszazz SB papers range which is Ebony and Ivory with some chalk inks and the new endearments.. and dont you know the circle background with the cakes... they may be my new favourite stamp set.
I even used my spellbinder for the label, with some hodgepodge and the scallop punch fits my kaszazz circle punch beautifully!.... ahh the freedom of using all my tools...
let the fun begin!

A new start

So I deleted my old blog and have to start all over again.  Get ready to see the craft madness begin.  Ill add photo's asap... its going to be a long process.

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