Back to the blogging

Guess what, Im going to start posting on my blog again...
I'm going to craft camp in two weeks and am in the process of trying to plan what im taking. I cant take my whole craft room with me..but I want to!

I have started preparations by buying a tin to decorate, this will hold my cuttlebug and nestabilities goodies. I certainly wont be losing my tin in a hurry...
I didnt decorate the lid as i wasnt sure how to navigate around the tin handle. I may pop some flowers or the like on top of it. I am going to spend some time tonight adding some lettering and decorations to the front of the tin too, so there will be no doubt about who it belongs too.

I was also given the idea to pop my nestabilities onto magnetic L plates to keep them organised. Unfortuantly only one set fits on each L plate. I was previously using DVD cases to store them in, but that is quite bulky and not conducive to "travelling to camp".

Oh, I was at Scraploot yesterday at prospect and splurged on a set of "limited edition" craft books. Think the australian craft magazine without the advertisments and with many more ideas for cards. I cant stop looking at the books and they are never being "borrowed" by friends (saying this as the one friend i would of lent them too..bought them too)

Now what else. I am wanting to make some mini albums and found some inspiration at Scraploot in the shape of paperbag albums, I didnt even realise it was a paper bag until i really started investigating the album i was fondling. I have come home and found online instructions and really I'm quite surprised at how easy they are to make.
I have to pick my daughter up soon from dancing so I'm going to have to detour past the local shops to get some paper bags. I think the "Australian" version of lunch bags are much smaller than the "American" though. Never fear as the whole idea of mini albums can be replicated using bazzil card stock anyway. The paper bag idea grabbed me as the bag openings provide secret pocket openings.

Back to camp... do i take my sewing machine with me... To sew cards??

Ok thats it for now. More soon.



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