i just got home from craft camp, we spent two nights at Merroo in Kurmond NSW (near kurrajoing) with great people, fantastic and creative crafters, and and good friends. A lovely time was had and much laughter was occuring,, especially in my room at 2am ... (oops)

I have posted some photos of some of the things we did, the christmas page is a bit blurry sorry about that.

dont you love the butterfly stamp, that was a generous freebie donated to us at camp! I love it and i love the technique we did with it, with acetate..

Im very keen to go again next year but im waiting "oh very patiently" for the girls that went with me to tell me if they are going again.. i also have a friend that wanted to come this year but had to drop out wanting to come.. fingers crossed!

oH i won a prize on the pages that have the flowers and the "unconditional love" heading on it... thats special to me as i spent a lot of time thinking about my grandfather while i coloured each of those flowers. I'm yet to finish the layout, so it came second even though it wasnt finished.. it needs some journally and something dark on it..its a bit too busy and light for me at the moment.

the oh la la book was made on friday night with sheree (my roomy) she made two of them like a mad woman.. and matching cards and beautiful gift envelopes to go with it all.

my craft room looks like a bomb site but i have a slow organisation plan in place... it wont take long to get it right.

keep checking out this blog its going to be updated much more regularly!


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