AiFactory Design Team

I have a stupid big grin on my face today, I was asked today
to be part of the AiFactory Design team for Feb-April.
I am absolutely thrilled.  I applied for this a few weeks ago, 
with no assumptions of actually getting it. 
I was hopeful and when the closing date came and went 
and I hadn't heard anything more about it, 
I thought Oh well.. they didnt choose me but I was still happy I tried. This morning, I opened up my email and 
WOW.. an invitation to accept! WOOOHOOO.  
As you can see I have spent some time today blinging
up my Blog to celebrate!  
I am hopeful that I can work out some Aifactory Candy 
in the next week to Celebrate!  The plan is that the candy will be a gift voucher to AiF for whoever the lucky winner is!  
Stay tuned.. I am still figuring out the "how to's" of arranging that!
If you check my side bar you will see a link to the AiF groups page, just click join and it will take you flying over there~ 
The forums are very friendly and easy to follow!

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  1. WOOHOO,congrats Penny,you are on two DT's now......well done!!!


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