Happy New Year

I spent a few hours with my wonderful friend Deby today, laughing away the day in her craft room, I had these photos printed off last August and this morning when i realised I had nothing planned to scrap I grabbed them with a semi thought of what to do with them!

When my family was in the USA in 2008 we went to Sea World San Diego and at every watery event there was the splash zone. As i am yet to scrap the millions of dolphin and whale photo's i had to use the term "splash zone" for these photos. I had an empty spot on the page so i put in a "warning advice" and some fake tickets to those that would witness the "splash" event!

My kids think this page is funny, while my husband thinks its mean.. but he did laugh.

It was nice to spend the day crafting.. and not a card was made! i used Deby's Gazelle cutter today and it was a bit of a learning curve as it works in the exact opposite to my pazzles!~ Learning is good though!

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. What a fabulous page,love your design and warning advice...lol...!!!

  2. BTW Happy New Year and best wishes for 2010!!!


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