My little bit of exciting news

Last month I became qualified as a massage therapist in full body massage, and I am now in the process of enrolling in a deep tissue course.  Its all very exciting and I already have people asking for massages (my family may start getting told NO soon).  I have always used BUSCH in any name for craft, sewing etc but I really can't see a way to have BUSCH in a massage business name.  What idea's can people come up with?
I was thinking Busch Tranquality or Busch Serenity but that really doesnt promote the idea of Massage.  I could easily just say Massages by Penny.  Help... I am really looking for a smart name but something that obviously promotes massage.


  1. Hey Congratulations! Penny, well done you. Pity we live so far apart or I'd be a customer!

    Was thinking about names for your business - why don't you just call it Serenity or Tranquility without the Busch. One I thought of was Time for Me.

    Good luck! Big hugs xx

  2. I thought of a name that really refers to massage and it's healing properties
    "Penny's Healing Hands-Massage"
    It's a thought!
    Congrats on obtaining your goal- I know you will do great withthe deep tissue course also!

  3. Hey, congrats to you Penny!!!! I wish you lived closer, cause I would definitely be a customer as well!

    Hmm, it's so hard to come up w a business name! It's something that you will keep forever! Kind of like a name for your child! LOL!

    What about what your other friend said, just "Tranquality" or "Serenity"? You're going to be putting that name on business cards and answering the phone, so you want to keep it simple and memorable.
    And then something below that like "Therapy for your muscles". That would be promoting the massage. It's a tough thing coming up w/ the right name!
    Best of luck to you!!!!!!


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