kaszazz logo

How much better does the logo look now that I have coloured it!!
I still have the white on the back of the car, and i havent got enough brown to add to it yet. I will either take it off of wait for more vinyl to be ordered.
this is on both side windows of my car now.
the back has my phone number and logo.

I am half considering making these for other kaszazz ladies to use too, but i'm not sure how well they would travel via post.  And also if it would be cost effective for consultants.
I know Kaszazz already sources these for consultants but it was a case of I can do it myself.

For anyone that has a personal die cutter and wants to do this.
just ask her what colours Penny bought for the logo.  I think one tone lighter in brown may be better though.. its hard to tell when ordering from online colours.


  1. I want one..How do I get one!!!
    Very nice Work Penny.


  2. This is great Penny! Are they a permanent sticker or a reusable one? I have lease vehicles so can' use permanent.


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