Oh dear oh dear oh dear

I let my daughter use  my copics... I was stressing the whole time and kept saying to myself.. its OK i can get new nibs if i need to... My eldest daugther who rarely shows interest in my craft wanted to try too... so I had double stress.. They both did such a good job and now they know why i love colouring with copics.... my secret is no longer.
Anyway, here is Erins blog (she is 10) and here is the card she made!  The of only thing I helped with was using the nestabilities and trying out this thing i saw on stamp tv, where you use a nestability for most of an image.  This girl  is so big (her hair) if we used a nest to cover the whole image she would of taken up most of the card~
Should of seen erin freaking out when I said this is the first time ive tried this!  She made me do a test run and everything!
This image is one of my brand spankin new Kraftin Kimmies - Red Riding Hood!  isn't she awesome!


  1. Aren't you just so proud. And, Erin has a blog too. I hope you have refills now that everyone is using your Copics.

  2. I haven't got refills...
    im not sure how often ill let them use them.. but with the results being so lovely I may let them be used more often! I love her card! and i loved how fussy she was with her colours and the layout and the fact she said to me.. id like worn lipstick for the edging on the mounts... I just looked at her and shook my head!
    there is a definite craft gene in her system


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