some recent cards

Ive been playing with my copics and cutter and my new tiddly ink images and decided i should put some photos up.  The gazelle was really only used to cut around the images with a frame and one is a print and cut which cuts it really close to the outline of the image.  I have about 5 more images already cut and coloured i just have to put them together. The first image is a tiddlyink's image that i coloured with Prisma's just so i remembered how!
 This bright orange card was from craft camp as a last minute project
This image was printed and coloured long before craft camp and I took it with me to use it on a project, its from Robyns fetish. 
Another tiddly.. maybe my favourite.  Sorry the photo is so bright 
Again an image i coloured ages ago and took to camp.. the photo was too bright and i tried to darken it to make it more accurate.. didnt work!~!

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