16th Wedding Anniversary

Tomorrow is my 16th Wedding Anniversary and my husband and I are off to the Jenolan Caves NSW for the weekend.  He won a silent auction about a year ago for two nights, including dinner and breakfast for two, and a cave tour is also included.
I just went shopping and tried to find him a new wedding ring, something I wasnt thrilled about as it seems wrong to replace a ring, but his current ring is losing all its detail.  The jeweller had the solution.. he can redetail his actual ring instead of replacing it... phew.   This however led me to a new dilemma as what do I get him for his anniversary now...   I ended up with a lovely sterling silver.. or was it stainless steel... I cant remember, whichever one can't be engraved, with inlaid rose gold.
I have now come home and rearranged the craft room AGAIN and fingers crossed this is the last time i arrange everything...  I got myself a little tv and ditched my computer screen that was hooked up to laptop and i think the space is a little more usable!
Photos to come once I vacumn.

I also have visited Monika's site for a cutting file for an anniversary card... check this out... I love it.
Now that I am spoiled and I have a Black Cat Cougar and a Gazelle (I sold the Pazzles to a lucky new owners for a bargain price) I can cut some severely detailed items... I actually had both machines cutting, I did the red on the gazelle while I cut the black on the cougar.  The red behind the card is just to show the definition of the black cuts.

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