Cooking it up with Fancy Folded Flowers

This week at Cooking it up with Katie we are sponsored by Robyns Fetish and our recipe is Flowers, Fancy, Folds.. I really enjoyed this challenge.  I tried to recreate  some flowers I saw on Katies blog a few weeks ago and failed miserably.. and then decided to use some doily's that I cut on my cougar and I love the finished product.  I realised after the glue dried that my button moved... oh well.
Now.. this little box is filled with Hershey kisses (i was so happy to find those for sale at Costco ( my new favourite place to shop in sydney... pity its so far away)  I hadnt realised kisses were so little and cute, but I saw a bulk bag for sale and thought they would be perfect for xmas gift giving.  This little box will be the beginning of my treat boxes that I am going to give to teachers, neighbours etc.

What do you think you will create for this challenge, we are looking forward to seeing your creations over on the cooking it up blog!

Please read back on my last post to read about the card drive at If the Shoe fits..

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