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I recently was introduced to SVG cuts.   I have never used other formats of cutting files on my cutter, as I didnt know I could, but im converted and the files from SVG cuts are beautiful.  This card, although crooked (user error) was simple to make.. just pick paper.. cut and glue.  The fonts are what I love though, they cut like butter and were smooth and no tears, no anyone with a digi cutter knows what a delight that is when achieved.   This card is tiny, about 4 by 3 inches.  I believe it imported weird into my funtime software, i have since recut it in Sure cuts a lot v.3 and its not that small.  I like the small size though, nice for a little gift card.

This is from the everyday card set on well worth the money to go and have a buying spree...ask me how I know!

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  1. this card is just beautiful Penny, love it!

    Kylie xxx


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