My shopping spree

Hi everyone,
Ive been busy over the past few days playing with the layout of the Card Makin Mama's blog.  I quite like the finished product, but wow HTML can be painful.  Pop on over and have a look, if you see anything thats really WRONG or broken links then please don't hesitate in alerting me.   
I also finally made the decision to try my hand at video's for crafting.   As it turned out, I received a delivery from the Inpiration Emporium this morning, so that provided the perfect opportunity for me to make a video.  Now I have to work out how to edit them and to learn the art of speaking without using the word UM, I now understand why many crafter's have such beautiful finger nails on their video's.  Its because short nails on camera don't look that flash.  I recently took the acryllic nails off so mine look especially yuck.
As you can see in the video, I got loads of goodies.  I have marked up all of my reinkers now and I felt that I really did own a lot.  Well my Colour chart says otherwise.  I think its going to take many years to get the whole collection of Various Ink refils.
Im off to clean up the craft room (ie. hide the evidence) and then hopefully I'm going to craft tonight with some of these new goodies.
Thanks for visiting today


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