4 more Christmas cards

If you are friends with me on Facebook you would of seen me talking about being more prepared next Christmas.  I only sent 7 cards to friends, mainly as I refuse to purchase a card when I have a mountain of tools and supplies to make a card.  I have been kindly reminded that the card doesn't have to be fancy, more thoughtful and showing that your thinking of someone.  That said I will be making a few one of a kind cards through the year as well.
These cards were made from 1 sheet of scrapbooking paper and some remnants that I refused to throw away (thankfully)
I notched out the edge of the cards so the twine stays put, something I've seen done before but never remember to do.  Must admit that tiny little notch is so simple and it works!  Ill definitely be doing that again.  I did these cards the hard way, one at a time.  In hindsight it would of been smarter to lay a 30cm pattern paper strip along the base of scrapbook paper and then do the trimming.  The inside of the card has a thin strip of coordinating paper just so there is some interest inside.
I hope you like these little cards, Ill definitely be making more of them.  Im thinking if I end up making too many my Mum would use them next Christmas for friends and acquaintances... but I wont get too ahead of myself here.
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