The craft room MESS vs Clean up evidence for Card Makin Mama's

So the powers that be at Card Makin Mama's decided that at the end of January we were going to share our craft spaces with our followers.  I had the problem of leaving it in the mess that is normal for me or tidying up.  A tidy workspace for me, means Im not crafting, but I really like to start with a tidy room (note im not saying clean.. this room isn't clean)

                                                                                                                                                               So a short little view of my room and the craft stuff ive accumulated!



To start if I open my blinds I look directly outside to my side yard, often with the dogs looking up with a sad let me inside face, or a little willy wagtail bird (they are tiny and are distinguished by wagging their tail feathers).  At one stage a beautiful king parrot used to hang off the guttering looking inside the house, he got so used to people that he was happy to eat seed from our hands.  We haven't seen him in a long while though, another family is most likely spoiling him.

This wall is over 2metres long and filled with inkpads, it took me a while to find a way to store my distress inks so I actually use them.  I had my blending tools in a drawer which was neat but the tool was never with the pad and YES I have a tool for every colour (im considered a HAVE IT ALL crafter)

I recently took the plunge and added archival pads to my collection and I love them, definitely don't regret buying.  The ink pads don't end there, I have the full set of CTMH colours and in the drawer ive started on Shadow Inks.. a definite problem in ink collecting.  I am doing my best NOT to buy the Simon says colours even though they are taunting me.

Although this looks like a mess its better than what it was.

the drawers in the far right of the photo are now neat, there is adhesive, a5 paper and more in the top drawer and sewing patterns in the bottom.  On top of the desk is lots and lots of plain 12 inch cardstock and out of shot of the photo is a waredrobe with MORE card stock in plain and patterned.

You can see the stacks of 6 inch paper pads here.. another collection problem but you will be thrilled to learn im using the papers and trying to place the used pad to the bottom of the pile so I use more of a variety of papers.

The copics have been moved, housed and sorted into so many different places but this is what works for me.  They are sorted by colour and number, so 0's, 10's 20's etc. 

My ATG guns live on this side of the room too (when I remember to pop them back)

after a recent trip to IKEA where I got some magnetic herb tins I sorted embellishments

I didn't have a magnetic board but found that my unused scrap easel worked perfectly to pop the embellishments where I can see them.  It will do for now.

The upper cupboards are yet to be sorted, the far ones are filled with my husbands university stuff that he was going to sort for the last 4 years.. im still waiting.  The others have sewing paraphernalia in them that I most likely don't need!

As for the lower drawers, the ones on the right are power cords and enough embroidery thread to last most of Australia many years.

I have sorted many of my stamps into the cupboard just under the ATG gun. Leaving me with about a dozen clear a4 stamp folders and pages that Im wondering what to do with..

The ones directly under the window are recently sorted.  And have my embossing folders and sentiments in them. The third drawer is Colouring mediums like gelatos, inktense, prisma etc and the second drawer is tim holtz, Dyan and CTMH stamp sets.

What else.. my Janome sewing machine from past years that I refused to used for papercraft for a long time but now decided its OK, my Husqvarna DE machine is safe away from paper though. 

My Blackcat cougar is in the corner not cause he is in troube but because he fits there and isn't taking up too much bench.  Beside him is my newest addition of the Brother scan and cut (LOVE IT) and my printer which my husband rolled his eyes at (of all the things he was worried about it was a printer... made me laugh) its an Epson 1430 and fabulous.

On a side note, I was talking to my husband the other day about a lady on an online garage sale site trying to sell 3 pieces of Kaiser patterned paper for $3.  He was shocked and said AS IF.  I said well its cheaper than what it cost and he went a little pale and said WHAT.  He really has no idea how much card stock and the like costs.  I think I may leave him NOT knowing, its safer that way.

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  1. Your space is wonderful and it's better to leave them in the dark when it comes to the cost of some of our stash I try my best to find a deal just in case he's around lol

  2. Penny, I want to come craft in your room! I LOVE how you've organized your inks and am jealous that you had a parrot outside your window! Thanks for taking the time to share your room. Hugs!

  3. Love the way you have your inks! Everything seems to be so accessable. I keep forgetting where I put things...with yours everything is right there! HUGS



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