Aifactory Freebie

I ussually check out the AiFactory site each day just to see whats new over there.  I was pleasantly surprised this morning to see this set of free digital papers on the site!  I am slowly increasing my collections of papers and I really like how vibrant these ones look.  I especially like the leaf pattern!    Anyway pop over to the Vault , CLICK here for the direct link to the free papers.  Also dont forget that Aifactory is offering a freebie digital image offer once they hit 50 followers over at SNR Card Universe, I just checked and its up to 41 members.  Nearly there!

Are you looking for my Candy? Click here to enter.  Candy is open until Mid March and so far there are 9 lucky people that are in the draw to get a $20 Voucher's to the AiFactory Vault.  Thats pretty good odd's!  Lets see if we can get a few more people in the draw..Before Mid March!

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