My Nestabilities solution!

For some time now I have been having 'issues" with how to store my nestabilities.  I started with the original packaging, then someone said magnets in cd cases..tried that and got sick of not being able to see into the CD cases without opening them (i could of made labels for them.. but only just thought of that right about now!)  I then decided on a4 folders that I was using for my stamps.. that was a pain also.  So today I thought OK... think Penny.  I went and got a clear case from the newsagency and used clear A4 transperancies and strong double sided tape (3D brand) and off I went.  This is what I have come up with.. there is a bonus of using this system and that is, everything is in the one case (easy transport) but also if the tape fails and nests fall.. the case is sealed.  I wont lose anything.  How do others store their nests?

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  1. Thanks for leaving me such a nice comment on my blog Penny, it's much appreciated!
    I still use cd and dvd boxes to store my nestabilities, and I've made labels for them. Works perfect for me, but I love your system, too!
    Take care, Ira


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