Blog Award

What a nice start to my day, I woke up and checked my email to find a lovely blog award sitting in my mail.  The lovely Lola presented my award... I wish she could see how lovely my hair looked as I walked up to accept my award in my very best outfit ..(picture just out of bed.. bed hair)

Now my job is to pass this award onto other bloggers!
Deby - Who didn't think she could figure out how to blog!
Kylie - who has finally taken the plunge and started a blog
Cheryl - for the constant inspiration and for having 50000hits on her blog!
Bec - wishing her some happy times!
Ginny - for talking to a complete stranger at the craft markets!


  1. oh penny, thank you for thinking of me.. i just had to quickly send this post through and say a huge THANK YOU.. you are such a sweetie.. Big HUG, Bec xx

  2. thanks for this...and for the great chat :0) lol

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