Industrial 12*12 Layout - Kaszazz

I have been a busy little girl lately and making up some scrap layouts.. I must admit I like scrapbooking a lot but I lack the creativity needed sometimes to pull it off.  This is why using the Kaszazz workshop guides are a wonderful tool for me!  This layout is missing some journalling blocks on page one, I will get that done eventually!  These photo's were taken on our Canadian Holiday 08/09 and its my eldest daughter who loves skiing but doesnt necessarily like slowing down!  She is a whizz on the slopes and quite the little speed freak.  I cropped some of the page out in editing just to straighten it up.. if i get time I may get some more photo's taken of it.

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  1. That is an awesome layout. I really like that Thank you for sharing your work


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