Paper, shelves and cutting

Testing out the new cutter this morning I made this card up, if i paper piece again I would ink up the edges to make the pieces pop off the page!

What else.. oh my husband went to IKEA and found these shelves for my crafting supplies, we are going to get more and take the shelves a bit further along the wall.

Then I have my wardrobe that used to have an avalanche warning when the door was opened!
I have cleaned it up a bit more since this photo was taken, but its a big improvement!  it was shoved full of fabric and clutter.  Now its purely bear making and card making supplies.
The top of the wardrobe was filled with years worth of magazines, those are now half on ebay and half ready for garage sales.  I decided just to pile up the mags at a garage sale for 50cents each and if that fails the school fete has first dibs!

Only EBAY.. I have nearly reached my goal of making enough money to pay for the new cutter!  I am $8 off target with 3 days to go!  wooohooo.


  1. Ohhh so cute,love the papers!!! Congrats on your Ebay sales,don't think I could part with anything!!

  2. SO CUTE Penny! GREAT work on this card:)


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