So excited

So as I previously chatted about I am having a big sell out on ebay.. to fund a cutting machine.  My pazzles inspiration was not only causing me frustration but wasting so much time and card stock.  I bit the bullet and purchased a Gazelle from De-signsmadebyme.  I am totally and utterly thrilled!  From the moment it was set up and plugged in.. i was very happy.  Not one tear to be seen, perfect cuts, and to top it off.. its PINK!!
here is a sample of a print and cut i was playing with today.  Basically you import your image into the software, make a cutting line around the image (a few clicks of the mouse) print, laser align, cut.
Now this sounds easy, and well it was.  But I had been trying to do this on my other cutter and kept failing so I gave up and thought its a feature I dont need!  Well guess what.. I do need it.  Digital images just got a whole lot more fun.  Not only can I print imges now for projects but I can now trim them right down to their outlines!  I have some images where this may not work (feathered edges etc) but WOW!!!!  Thrilled I tell you.
I am nearly up enough $$$$$ on ebay to call my cutting purchase FREE... ( my head it was free... as ebay is paying for it!)

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