Getting a start on Christmas

I recently mentioned SVG cuts and how I am thrilled that I can use SCAL with both my cutters, well.. here is todays little play.  I got loads of files a few weeks back and its going to take me ages to get through making them up.  I am wanting to do lots of thoughtful, handmade and home cooked little gifts this year for xmas, instead of the big rush and panic of what to get people.. often who dont need or want anything anyway.  So its more a case of a gift because I want to, if that makes sense.

My plan is to make up little gifts for people and pack them in these beautiful boxes, images my house at Christmas time with beautifully coloured and decorated gift boxes... makes me happy just thinking about it.

This file is from the Christmas Gift Bags and Boxes set
I just put a brand new blade in the cutter after doing the initial cut on the bag, that tiny little tuft of paper on the handle bugged me.. the new blade fixed all cuts following that one!  For those people that often have tearing issues with their cutters.. consider a new blade, lower blade depth and lower your speed.  I kept the disguarded blade for vinyl cuts or for when im in an emergency and any blade will do.  But lets face it, a new blade will give beautiful cuts and our paper will be perfect.  I hadnt changed my blade in a long time.. it was long long overdue!  Thanks for stopping by.

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