Digital Scrapbook Artist (DSA2) and my craft room

On the weekend i had the pleasure of attending a weekend where I learnt more about funtime software, which runs my gazelle cutter and pazzles.  Nearly 10 ladies for the weekend, laughing and pretty much TEASING me all weekend.  I was talking to Alisa of Designs Made by me about Digital scrapbook artist.  I had version 1 and really didnt want to upgrade to version 2.   Well she showed me a few DSA2 tricks and I was hooked.  For those like me who like EASY and simple programs then DSA is it.  Think photoshop without the headache!  Anyway, i was playing with the software while also listening to Alisa tutor us on Funtime and came up with this, its really just a drop and drag layout and much brighter than what I would normally do with real paper.  What i love about this program... you put the frame on the and then drop and drag your photo into the frame and it snaps into the frame!! love that!
Second photo is just me playing again with DSA, I just cleaned up my craft room and couldnt just upload a photo of it, i had to put it in a frame add some horrible red curtains and a label!! Im wondering why i did that now.. I should of opened the window in teh photo and you all could of seen the view out my window!
Im very spoiled!!
this photo shows my new shelves and the cutters up the end of  the room.  On the right of the photo there is a computer for the kids and a big printer just out of screen!  Im off to play!


  1. What a gorgeous scrap page,love the colours!!! Hmmm your craft room is very clean,wish mine was!!

  2. wow! I am jealous Penny! Your craft room is wonderful!


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